Wanted to buy, IR camera

I’m new to inspecting, limited budget! Looking for a used IR camera in good condition. Would like at least a 120x120 res. Thanks!

JMO… if you are new to inspecting, an IR camera is the last thing you should be purchasing!

Do you have a website yet???

Not yet… I see it as a great selling point. I also want to do energy audits…?

What is your experience? Training? Will you know what you are looking at with IR? Without IR? With no website, how do you plan to market your services?

Thanks for your time! Passed my IR class and I have 127 hours study with Nachi. Not 1 (one) inspection yet, but waiting to join an experienced inspector soon… soooo may not need to have my own Web Site… will probably add my picture and info to his site. I just see the IR camera as a great promotion for inspections and energy audits…
Your thoughts… PLEASE!

What is your background that brought you to home inspecting? What basis of knowledge do you have prior to InterNACHI’s education?

Just trying to help you avoid a very costly mistake. Many of the cameras you find here for sale are by others just like you, who have made the purchase based on “great promotions” and "vi$ion$ of ugar plum", and have gone nowhere with it. Most successful inspectors/thermographers actually trade-in their cameras when they upgrade, assuming they don’t keep it for a backup camera.

Go spend some time reading through the IR section of this MB, Go check out the NACBI website. www.nacbi.org Take as many IR webinars you can from as many different companies as possible. Many are free.

Thanks Jeff for your interest! Retired and dabbled in building (my real passion: I wanted to be an Architect) My love for home designs, etc…
Am I naive with my thoughts on IR promotion for energy audits and inspections… I just believe this has to be a great selling/marketing promo… am I wrong? Why don’t all inspectors have IR… it seems like a no brainer!!! Silly as it seems, no one to my knowledge is using IR in this area(and I’ve checked) I know a lot (a lot) of people in my area from the previous business I was in and I have a lot of connections in this area with realtors… I think I have real potential in this area. Why wouldn’t an inspector use this all the time… I would be totally impressed if an imspector came to my home with an IR camera!!!
Please enlighten me!!! I am teachable!!

Come to St. Louis and ride with me I will show you IR and how a full service company works.

Hi Billy!
Wow thanks for the offer! I will take you up on that! I grew up in South County (Jefferson Barracks) I’ll give you a call… soon! Thanks for wanting to teach this old dog some new tricks! Really appreciate it!
P.S. I currently live in Hannibal

Absolutely take Billy up on his generous offer. You should learn a ton more in one ride along than a handfull of us could explain on this MB in a week.
Good luck,

My advice, since you are just starting out in the home inspection world is, if I were you, I would really concentrate on the visual home inspection.
There are so many things to learn and properly inspect before moving onto something else. As you become more comfortable doing inspections and report writing, add in the extra tools, the extra services etc…
Before you buy the tool, get the proper education. As Jeff said, there are many free courses online, there are also paying ones that aren’t worth it…
Once you’ve made up your mind and are serious about making money with your new tool (be it by adding an extra charge for IR, upping you base price or simply marketing the heck out if so that you inspection numbers grow due to IR), then decide on which cam to get.
Once you know which cam you want, then buy the next level/series up. Why? Because you will then want to get a return on your “cheap” $3K good res. investment instead of using your “expensive” $1K low res. paperweight

The resolution you specified does not even meet the RESNET standard. Please slow down and learn a little more before you buy.

Contact me if you want to talk sometime.

Yes, resolution and sensitivity are very helpful.

Here’s an album I made a year or so back with some different cameras, https://plus.google.com/117719861425633610510/posts/LvwfUKGXgYu

You can click on a picture, then click on the details drop down to see what type.

All the cameras used were 160x120 and up…

Hi John
I meant to say minimum 120x120 res.
And yes, I would love to talk to you John… I want to tell you some of the options I have already. I would love to bounce them off of you.

Tom call when ever your ready. 314 805 2137

How about next week? I’m coming down to visit grand daughters next week … I’ll call you soon. Thanks!


I am selling my New Flir i7.
It was only used a few times. It is still New.
• The FLIR i7 has the best combination of resolution (140 × 140), 19,600 pixels, sensitivity (<0.1°C), and measurement tools.
• FLIR’s outstanding thermal accuracy (+/- 2% or 2°C) and broad measurement range (-4°F to 482°F) produce excellent, reliable results.
• Measurement Modes - Spot (center); Area (min. & max.); Isotherm (above/below)
• The high-resolution 2.8" color LCD
• Focus Free
• Store up to 5,000 JPEG image files
• Exceeds RESNET resolution standards.
• It has the latest firmware and comes with a hard carrying case, battery, charging cord, microSD card, cables, Operator’s Manual on CD, Quick Start Guide, and FLIR Tools software.

I paid $1995.00. Asking $1800.00 or best offer
Send an email if interested.

Bob Hayes CEM, LEED GREEN Associate
Peconic Home Inspections LLC