New Infrared TV ad

I’m going to run a new TV ad That will Inform/show buyers and home owners the need for IR. as part of there Termite and/or home inspections.

I have notice a shift in the market this last year… When i am providing Infrared as part of an inspection at the request of the buyer and I start finding plumbing leaks, missing insulation or finding termites in the walls. you known the list. More and More the Real Estate agents are walking or running away from INFRARED As part of there inspection or going to another inspection company on the next inspection. Its like they don’t want the buyers to know this information. I have had agents say they don’t want to see that DANG Camera to my face. :shock:

Now my buyers want the Infrared as part of the inspection if they have been informed what it is and how it works and how they will get a much better inspection.

This is what i hope the new IR TV ad will do. INFORM BUYERS.

So I have a Question if i may ask. Has any one ran an IR ad on TV. and did it help teach buyers and bring in any work in for you ?

Please provide any info you may have…

Looks like every inspector that is working with Infrared today is setting the stage for all the inspectors that are going to start using Infrared in there inspection service programs.

**It would be nice if we could get FLIR and the other camera companies to help out with the educational part. Like TV ADS, RADIO. **

T****hey would see more camera sales as the need for more camera would go up.



Ron, instead of investing in TV or radio why not rent a room at the local libary and hold a free seminar. I’m thinking of doing the same for IR and energy audits. It’s cheeper, you get to meet people face to face and at the same time you can offer a coupon for a discount. If this works over a period of time then I’ll expand to reach a larger audience.

If you can get your web placement on googles front page, then
buyers can find you on the internet. Be sure to place this video
on your website (I can show you how).

“Consumers Guide To Infrared Thermography”

It is free and does a very nice job of educating the consumer.

John, I’ll take you up on that offer. I’m off to do a little fishing and will contact you later today.


I’ll be thinking of you guys!
I miss that fishing hole! :wink:

Yes Ron, what you say is true.
There is a lot of education involved to teach the world about IR.
You can’t sell it if they don’t know "what’s in it for my money?’.

I think David Valley has a TV slot he ran.

His wife has some connections with a broadcasting company. He has done a lot of marketing in the big way. He’s been in the paper, on tv etc.

Give him a call and see where he would “do it again” for the $$$.

TV ads are great however it’s all about location (channel) and times. If your going to invest pay for the better channels and time slots. Personally if I had the money and if I wanted to get big fast which I don’t I would sign a contract for a interstate billboard. It would be black and have about three infra red images on it. Under it would say… I can see what others cant! :slight_smile:

Want To Embed Our Infrared Video Into Your Web Site?

Video Title: "Consumers Guide To Infrared Thermography"
**(paste this html code into your page) **

<center><script type=“text/javascript” src=“”></script></noscript></center>

**Looks like this >>> **

Hey John I have that on my web site along with another video. My web-site has a # 1 placement with GOOGLE for my area. and this gets me some work.

The big issue is The real estate industry. Most 95% of my long tum agent are not up to this info. I have been in there office and had the demo time with them. Its just not that important to them. They want the Home inspection and the Termite inspection. But not the Infrared. don’t want to see that Camera. or deal with the extra information. Its like they a losing a lot of sales and they think the camera will just kill more deals.

HARD Times for some of them. And i understand this.

Our job is more information and education on infrared inspection.

I will see how this TV ad works out… If i can get to the buyer with out the agents getting in the way. then that going to help.

I do wish FLIR and the other camera Companies would step up to the plate with TV ads. and other information.

Or Even InterNACHI Could do more and I for one would be glad the help.

Time to kick it in to another gear.:mrgreen:



Camera companies have enough to deal with they do not need to advertise on TV for us (inspectors), that is our job!

That an odd point of view Chuck ?

You must have some understanding that I do not about FLIR And other IR Companies.

The way I see it if they would help out then more people would Known about there Cameras and look for inspectors that use them. And so the inspectors would have more work and be able to buy the Higher end cameras That they want to sell.

What do you think Chuck:mrgreen:




Manufacturers of IR cameras will absolutely market heavily to the Buyers of IR cameras, not the homeowners. What would IR manufacturers benefit from, if they were to market their IR ads on television? There will be no Buyers due to the expense of the IR cameras compared to what it can do. What homeowner is going to pay 7-9 thousand dollars for an IR camera in order to detect hidden defects in their home? None.

What should be advertised more heavily on television is the IR technology itself and what it’s able to do. But this advertising would be up to the end-users (of IR cameras) to sell these services to the homeowners, as they are the individuals who are benefiting from this technology… not the manufacturers.

Point taken. But we see Manufacturers of Airplanes and other products on TV all the time. I’m not going to buy a 747. But i will fly in one.

If Manufacturers like FLIR would step up and should the things there cameras can do like home inspection work. then home buyers would look for inspectors that use the cameras.

I just saying it would be nice if they did. We can bet they will not.

So thats why I’m going to put a TV AD on and run with it.

What about all of us as InterNACHI Members pooling together with Nick and produce a national TV Spot for interNACHI Members.

Just thinking out in type.




Thanks and well said.



I am not against you idea of a TV ad in fact I think it is GREAT. Around here radio and TV spots are way too cost prohibitive.


Spend money on your target market. Anything else is very expensive with little return.

I would say the reason FLIR and others wouldn’t do a national TV campaign is the ROI. There’s only 20,000-30,000 inspectors in the US right now so they have to be careful with budgeting. Now I know some other fields can use it too, but it’s not like selling a Sham WOW where there’s 50 million people to target.

Check cable TV advertising prices. They have really come down. I think this a great move. Please keep us posted. Let us know what it cost to produce and run and let us know how well it works for you.

That’s because either you or a competitor is marketing it incorrectly. I’ve seen just the opposite here…Realtors are marketing it for me because I teach them how it benefits them.

Using the fact that more stuff can be found as a marketing tactic is suicide.

Infrared benefits the Realtor and speeds the transaction. Show them how and do it fast or you won’t recover.