wanting to be a home inspector

hey everyone, im currently living in idaho and have a few questions about how to become a home inspector. im looking for some guidence.

im looking at taking a online course to get certified but seem to see a lot of different courses and certs i could get or go with. being in idaho theres not much for requirments.
is there a course someone could reccomend or maybe what would be a good path to take to get this ball rolling ?

any tips or info would really help, or some kind of direction.

right now it looks like ill just get a online class and complete that and just start inspecting homes. get a website and start marketing.

I got certification for the building inspector certification course in the California contractors school. They cover topics like code administration, building planning, footing and foundation, floor construction, wall construction and covering, roof ceiling construction and penetration and public safety. They are providing IRC books for references. It is a bit easy compared to the NEC. But I think NEC covers more topics than the IRC.

Join InterNACHI and take all the classes and read the forum everyday. Take the required testing, get a license, get a mentor and go to work.