Questions from a New Guy

Hello all,
I am considering going through the interNACHI courses to gain my HI certification. I reside in NE which does not have a required state exam or anything. I plan on taking every course offered here. Does anyone know which courses are a requirement in order to receive the official HI verticals or seal? Basically I need to know what I have to obtain in order to say I am a certified home inspector. These questions might seem ignorant but at this point I do not know. I see other courses from different institutions that send you a certificate that says you are a certified home inspector does interNACHI do the same? All I saw was a ton of continuing education and specific certifications. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Click “Membership Application” on left column of this page.

Click the red “Join InterNACHI”.

See page two of that process.

This may help…

Also this Just because NE does not have an education requirement doesn’t mean you can’t use one from another state or province.

Or you could go over to The Darkside and start pushing their junk off to consumers and you can immediately call yourself an “Expert” just for selling junk to consumers. You don’t even have to take any training for that.:roll::shock:

i am also new and did the ahit classes. if you have knowledge in construction they are not horrible but i highly recommend taking the classes here and getting certified through internachi(thats what i am doing). you will be taught so much more and the classes are very thorough compared to anywhere else… also the best part, its the cheapest route you could go