Washer & Sink Issue

IN picture to the right is a drain from a future sink that will drain to left in picture to a mini-stand pipe with a AAV. to the left the tie is is from a horizontal drain running the distance of the dryer width plus part of the washer and has a p-trap in it for the washer. The home owner says the wash machine causes the water to gurgle up til it almost comes out of the new sink drain he installed.

I am not sure about this but I think the problem is that there is really no true stack and no trap in the sink.

What should my report read other than to bring in licensed plumber. Any suggested easy solutions?



Could be anything. Have the plumber figure it out…we are inspectors, not contractors.
I think that vertical wye needs to be a tee…

Sounds like the drain is partially clogged.

Ok thanks. Good point on not contractor but inspectors ;). This is true regarding my report, but the more I learn from guys that were explumbers prior to inspectors, hopefully the better I will be at inspecting. My guess is that because it is old 60s home and is 2" iron drain, there may be some internal corrosion restricting flow and also when it worked for Owner when just wash machine and tall 2" pipe, what may have been happening is the stand pipe being taller than likely backed up near the top and then drained down, now as when he added the connection down low, the back up comes up to his point where he is going to add the sink drain. Also, a lot of times stacks are 3" minimum so 2" may be too restrictive. Anyway, I do have enough for the report just wanting to know thoughts since the Owner was someone I knew. Thanks


The issue is most likely the waste pipe being clogged since the PVC looks new. After construction you can find all kinds of things blocking the waste lines (wood, plaster, insulation). But since you are there to observe and report just tell them to have a plumber investigate.