Washing Machine in Basement

I posted this on the Structure Thread by mistake:

I am moving into an old house my mother in law owns, and want to put the washing machine in the basement. There was one there many years ago, but was moved to the upstairs kitchen for ease of access (the person living in it was 90 and couldn’t traverse the steps). In fact, I stayed in the house for a month between flips about 15 yrs ago, but can’t remember how it was plumbed downstairs.

The main sewer 3" discharge through the basement wall is 54" O.C from the floor. I would imagine there was a T there before, which is not correct. Seems like water would have backed up or sewer gas would have escaped into the washer. If I must have at least 18" vertical standpipe, then the washer would be dumping into a pipe opening 6 feet off the floor.

Does anyone know if a typical washer is capable of pumping 6 feet vertical?

Since the wife would like to add a bath in the basement, I was looking into an ejector pit (there’s one in my house now), but that would be quite expensive and a lot of work.

yes it is, 6 feet is typically the maximum height as per manufacture specs. Wife use to work in appliance store service dept.

Thank you, Mike. I don’t think it was that high before, but I think just changing the 3" 90 that goes thru the wall to a 3" to 2" Y would possible back up, thus the reasoning to go 6 feet (18" above that 90) to drop in. I think I will put a trap in the standpipe to maybe help with sewer gas.

You definitely need a trap somewhere.

yeah, that’s a definite. I don’t know how it worked with no trap before. I can’t see just putting a Y or T in that main waste line without either the washer waste splashing out or sewer gas escaping in the basement. But I know the house was built in the late 20’s, and that’s where the washer was located until about 10 yrs ago when it was moved upstairs.

I’m still toying with the ejector pit, so I can add a toilet and vanity down there.

It will be my 1st one bathroom house ever, in over 30 yrs and 12 homes bought, moved into, then sold!

If its too far or too high they make gray water lift pumps

1920’s (new design) washing machine…

lol…I suggested that Jeffrey, or there is a river 200 feet away.

Microwave hot dog for dinner tonite now, but the couch is really soft :|.)