W/M drain trap below the floor

I was reviewing a plumbers evaluation and he mentioned that the washing machine drain had a “below the floor trap”. He didn’t specify if it was an issue, but I don’t know why else he would have mentioned it. (the entire line is 1 1/2" and not vented so he wants to replace the entire line).

Is a washing machine drain ‘below the floor’ trap an issue (as long as the standpipe is the proper height)?


I thought that for an automatic clothes washer, if a standpipe is used, the standpipe and its trap shall be at least 2 inches in diameter. ??

It is, and that’s why he is recommending replacement of the entire line. His report mentioned the below floor drain, but did not deal with a repair specific to the trap because the entire line is going to be replaced anyway.

Due to the lack of responses, I assume (I know;) ) there is no issue with a below the floor trap.

After sleeping on it, I think the plumber may have mentioned the below the floor trap because of a comment in the home inspection report that a trap was not noted. (difficult access)