Waste air vent termination

Can a plumbing vent stack terminate in the attic in NYS with the aid of aav?

NO! It will allow harmful sewer gases to enter the attic area.

Obviously it CAN. The question is SHOULD!

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Even with the aid of an air admittance valve?

Which aav, how can gases get out?

I do not know NYS rules. Here in Atlanta, there have been exceptions made over the years but I have seen no exceptions with recent builds. BTW, I do not see an AAV…I am thinking I am blind.

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The vent is open to the attic. There is another one penetrating roof btw

They can’t, that is why you must have at least one vent terminate above the roof line.

There is another

However this is a 4300 sq ft home with four bathrooms

I often enter homes with 3 or 4 AAV’s under sinks, but there is always one vent above the roof line. That is what I look for. Beyond that, I refer to a plumber if I smell sewer gasses, drains are slow or gurgling.

Thanks to all for your insight

Definitely some DIY piping. Tee’s are flowing in the wrong direction for some vents. One hanger, there should be a hanger support every 4 feet.

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