Watch! How to Get New Inspection Clients Generated by InterNACHI

Learn how to get new clients for your inspection business generated by InterNACHI® for free. This lead generation service is provided by InterNACHI® to Certified Professional Inspectors CPI® at no cost to the member. Everyone who registers for the webinar will receive the video recording. So, register now. Webinars - InterNACHI®


Thanks AJ.

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The webinar’s slide deck is downloadable:
how to get new inspection clients internachi webinar.pdf (1.0 MB)

Hello everyone,

I am a new inspector looking to obtain my first inspection. I am watching How to Get New Inspection Clients Generated by InterNACHI, which is very informative. Is anyone available to help create a cold calling script or an email? I would be genuinely grateful for any help getting my business off the ground.

Welcome to the forum, Corey. Wishing you much success in the home inspection industry.

I concur. Watching How to Get New Inspection Clients Generated by InterNACHI allows inspectors to start generating leads.

I can not help you with cold calling or emails but I am sure other inspectors will chime in and offer some great suggestions.

Keep well.

Hi, @cgentry2. No one is better at cold calling than Brodie Lotz. Watch him talk about it at Cold Calling Marketing for Home Inspectors: Grow Your Business Today with CPI® Brodie Lotz - Free Home Inspector Webinar - InterNACHI®