Watch your back?

Being a home inspector is like being electrician. You open up a panel and you can get hurt If you don’t know what you’re doing.
As a new home inspector its kind of stressful knowing that I may miss something because being new at it. Very very few customers will take you to court because they think you ripped them off. Now I am think of getting a small E&O to protect my new LLC company that doesn’t amount to much now? To keep my risk down.
I’m going to specialize in 3 services, Electrical, IR and drone + the basic inspection. That way I will be a smaller target to hit.
This is stuff that I am comfortable with, the IR fascinates me, I am a licensed Electrician, 2 years of heating\cooling school.
As some of you guys already know, I’m starting “DAHL House Inspection” on January 2, 2020 to give me some lead time, I’m still employed and in the process of breaking away from my 7 day a week 4 years to get this business a float. I must keep busy and feel useful.
Other then a small E&O is there something else you guys can think of.

Actually, that is exactly how customers feel when you ‘miss something’ - they think you ripped them off.
E&O is a good idea in my opinion.

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Other than E&O I would recommend GL insurance. If you’re careful you will never need it but anything can happen. GL is typically way cheaper in premium than E&O.

As for risk E&O won’t help lower your liability or chance of being a target. Just like anything else concentrate on becoming the best possible and providing the most comprehensive and thorough inspection and report possible. Stay consistent in ALL you do from first call to last call (after report delivery). Those two will help lower your chance of being a target because you will be one of if not the best.

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E&O plus GL are absolutely must have.

I don’t know if its just me but, It looks like getting sued is pretty common? Is it possible to do 50 or so inspections a year for a extended amount of time and not get sued?

Over 10 years with my firm. Never been sued. I am actually the guy they call in to build a case against home inspectors who don’t follow standard protocol, like crawling the entire crawl space, and thoroughly investigating roofing, and HVAC systems. Attic framing is a nightmare in my area… learn the basics on wood truss bracing… you will likely find what I find. 100% of new construction homes for past 20 years are lacking proper truss bracing.

Go above and beyond the minimum requirements, and explain to every client that you would need to live in the home for 2 weeks to find everything wrong, but you will find more than most basic home inspectors in your short 4 hour visit, and hopefully the things you miss are not too expensive to fix… be up front that there will be something you miss, but you will do your best to find more issues than the average inspector. If you are in an out in 2 hours or less, by a nice suit. You’ll be needing it for court.

Become an expert in residential construction. Read the codes and standards adopted by your state. The NACHI standards of practice are MINIMUM standards. Not maximums. Get qualified to do more than the minimum, and then just do it!

No one feels a need to sue a guy who clearly does more than any other inspector they have used before.

My two cents…
Be safe!!


You need GL, especially if you intend to pilot a drone commercially.

YES . . .
NO . . .
Am I on Candid Camera?

I did 4k+ without a complaint.

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