Water-Based Foam Sealant?

I’m currently working to complete the ‘How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion Course’ module, specifically section 2.3.4 ‘Checking Caulks and Sealants’. This section contains the ‘Common Caulking Compounds’ matrix (snapshot attached). Within this matrix there is mention of ‘water-based foam sealant’. When searching the internet for ‘water-based foam sealant’ my search comes back empty. Does anyone have an example of a water-based foam sealant?

I know I probably shouldn’t get hung up on this type of stuff, and this is the reason why it is taking me so long to become certified\complete this course - I’m constantly bouncing back and forth between search engines, and the modules looking for real examples and trying to gain a better understanding - I just can’t help myself. Apologies if this is silly question…

Common Caulking Compounds’ matrix:

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Maybe this product?


Thanks for the reply, Alan.

I did come across that product, but couldn’t find product specification language that confirmed it to be water-based.

I did hit them\DAP up VIA chat and I’m currently awaiting a reply.

GiGi @ DAP just confirmed the product to be water-based. Thanks for the input, Alan.