water heater age please

state select
s/n m05a111186
m/n g5650ybrt


thanks again dale great help

Didn’t work for me!

It just did for me.

Try it with IE.

It doesn’t like Mozilla. Have to use Bill’s browser.

It doesn’t work for me in IE. It has never worked for me. I don’t know why. :frowning:

State uses a one-digit month (the first letter) followed by a two-digit year.

So the M is December and the 05 is 2005.

The link didn’t work for me, either.

Here’s a file that I’ve stored at About Homes:

Water Heaters

Thanks RR

It worked for me

RR, do you have a sheet like the water heaters for a/c compressors, furnaces, boilers etc?