Bradford White Help


SER # AK5322408

and could someone please repost the darn cheatsheet for me.:cool:

I kinda deleted mine:ack!:

Here ya go.

I don’t know why but that has never worked for me…at all. :frowning:

It will with Internet Explorer…on my computer anyway…:shock:

That’s what I use.

Can you see this one Larry?

Thanks folks!!:smiley:

The smartcheck thing seems to work in IE only.

October 2004:cool:

Yes I can Dale.

I use IE exclusively: Microsoft Corporation - Internet Explorer Version 6.00.2900.2180

I appreciate the attempt at helping.

It never worked for me either…but today it does…hmmm

Thanks again guys. I was in a bind and once again the MB trust came thru!!:D:D

This is what makes this board so great.:cool:

Sweet!!! That will be going in my files. A.J.

Heres the one straight from the horse’s mouth…

It only goes back to 1987, but you can extrapolate back from there.

The online calculator is fun, but it doesn’t help much on site and it’s nice to be able to tell the clients right there how old the heater is. I just printed out the BW cheat sheet and carry it with me (along with other common, but “mystic”, numbers like Trane, etc).