Water heater age

I inspected a home this evening and the water heater was a National
with SS# 240714


I think National Water Heater is a distribution network now, although they apparently manufactured water heaters at some time in the past. I think if you’ll look around more on the name plate or on the water heater, you might find another name associated with it, such as State, A.O. Smith, etc.

Check out About Homes. Click on the web site link, INF-0108. They have lots of contact information.

Thanks RR for the info. you are correct again.

After looking closer I did notice a torn and battered plastic coated sticky label on top of the Hotwater heater and noticed a Newmark name or something that resembled this name.
I was going to check around for this name after this post.

Thxs’ for your help it is always welcome,