water heater and boiler

Can a boiler that is being used for baseboard radiant heat also be used for heating the potable water supply?

Hmmmmm temp for potable water 125 degrees max vs …?
Can you heat the place at 125 ?

You can certainly have mixed use however ,check out all these diagrams.http://scwoodheat.com/Applications.htm

NVM stupid question. If its listed and labeled for both than obviously it would be ok. This one was about 40 years old with no brand name or label. I doubt it was L and L for both.

Thats how those aquatherm systems do it. I haven’t found one in good working condition yet.

Sure but you will need a temp regulator if you want different temps for the heating and water.

Here is some info for you also

Thanks Guys!

I’ll to post pics in a bit. There was nothing right about it.