Water heater collision protection

What would you say? 2x4 stud wall with sheetrock.

022610 064.JPG

I would say you folks down there need to start putting those in a basement!!:mrgreen:

Joe, as far as I know the code inspectors allow those walls in lieu of a real barrier. This of course depends on which area of which state and which code inspector happens to show up on the job site. If the wall is not damaged we don’t have to mention it but you are allowed to in NC if you cite it as a safety concern.

What would you think if the gas pumps at your local filling station were protected by 2x4s and sheetrock?

My concern would be for the gas line within the wall being damaged/cracked/ruptured by a colision. Someone just ‘tapping’ the wall with the car could cause a leak that goes undetected until it’s too late.

If someone is going to drive through a wall…

Do you have any teenagers?

You’re one to talk…

Well, you could always recommend one of these.


Teenagers, elderly, soccer mom’s, cell phone distraction, “just another inch”, kid’s bike laying in the garage, “damn cat”!!!..

You don’t have to drive through it. All you have to do is bump it and you have a leak.

And who’s to say there isn’t a bollard built into the wall??? Doubtful, but could be.


You are an idiot

Nothing to say, except maybe there needs to be screened weep holes installed. :wink:

“Never ever threaten anyone in Camoflage”:mrgreen: