Adequate water heater collision protection?

Do you consider this to be adequate protection from collision impact? I’m seeing it more and more in new homes.

101207 027 (Small).jpg

Hi Joe, I guess it depends on how and what the wall is framed with but even bollards will tip over if hit hard enough.

I didn’t dismantel the wall, but I banged on it and it felt like 2x4 studs.

If anchored adequately, I’d go for it.

The vent pipe on the watewr heater looks like it runs downhill.

So you think a 2x4 (maybe even 3 of them in that wall), however anchored, will provide protection? Maybe from a lawn mower. Not an automobile in my view.

Vent does run downhill. I called that out. Good eye. Also called out the foam in contact with the flue and the draft hood loose.

101207 030 (Small).jpg

101207 030 (Small).jpg

Probably no different than the wall with the panel in it. Say the water heater was in the house on the other side of the back wall. Same 2x4 wall. Are you saying that isn’t proper protection either? You hit a wall with your car, you have other problems also. Typical new construction is with the heater and water heater in a similar built up area at the back of the garage.

Plates anchored to the concrete adequately and above adequately…a sufficient number of studs angle bracketed **adequately **to the plates…then sure, I think it would be fine.

The code requires protection of water heaters in garages. Not inside the living space. Note the location of the gas lines; 2 inches on the other side of the 2x4 wall.

Good question…

From an inspectors view point, we can’t say its wrong.
We can say it appears to be wrong.

I would report inadequate working space to access the gas valve based on the picture, the unit is installed with the wrong side facing out.

The front should have 30 inches of working space, the front is facing that crash wall.

I’d bet not a sole who worked on that shack had a valid SS Number…:shock:

CC Senior.

This home is not E-Verified:smiley:

And probably not to familiar with hot water either. :nah:

Depends on whether or not there is a female driver in the household and parking her car in the garage.


Or a teenager

What did the AHJ say?

I suppose they approved it. The house has a CO.

My oldest boy once jump the 4" block rise, knocked out 3 2X4’s and demolished a washer. But I guess that is a little extreme. Car survived virtually without a scratch. According to local ahj hear that is okay.

Homeowner moved it out of the corner for a work bench, go figure.