Water heater corrosion - help please...

Probably an easy one for you veterans, but I am at a lost. Gas water heater, 1995 Bradford & White. Everything appears good on the unit with the exception of around the top cover. There appears to be corrosion coming out from various areas of the top cover, including: sheet metal screws, under the lip of cover to wall, openings on the top of the cover. No leaks visible, but one copper line recently replaced. Could the corrosion be from a previous leaky line? Fire box and everything below looks good??? Thanks for any assistance. I tried an attachment - so hopefully that will show up…



I would recommend replacing the tank.

1995 water heater/tank

Ditto it’s 12 years old.

It’s leaking at the upper seams, needs replacement.

Have you inspected the area in the burner. Usually you will find water seeping there first (not always). If this is twelve years old then you’ve got a couple extra years out of it compared to the average life span of about ten years for a gas heater.

Thank you all for your feedback. I have seen them corroding/leaking around the bottom, even along the sides, but first time seeing it around the top cover… thanks again…