Leaking Water Heater

I have a water heat that is linking from what appears to be at the bottom, I’ve shut of the main water valve (wish I hadn’t because I could use at least cold water).
The big problem is water damage, as I live in a mobile home (trailer).

I was wondering what I need to do, should I drain it, and replace the whole entire thing (my plan is to replace the whole unit). However the thing my wife and I are worried about is because we bought this place in 2004, if the new unit will have the same spickets/faucet and etc, if we will have to get new plumbing piping as well?

Also I am wondering if it actually is the piping and not the unit itself, because from what I have found out.

The unit is still full of water (idk how much, but I have been leaking it since 6pm), but its not leaking out from the bottom, however its leaking somewhere else possibly, but I am not sure because I can see anything dripping from the pipping into it, and I can see bubbles coming from the bottom, but the water isn’t coming out after I turned the main water valve off, yet there is water still in the tank but not leaking out the bottom.

With all due respect I would recommend you hire a qualified plumber to ensure it is done correctly.

Ehhh, I have a master plumber helping me, since he went to college with me, I appreciate it though, but I rather skip the labor costs and go straight to “educating” myself for the future problems.

The bottom of the tank cracked probably because its outdated and hasn’t been replaced and the rust built up at the bottom is terrible.

Your master plumber should have no problem answering any of the questions you have presented here. No on can give you an informed response based off your form posts. Have your master plumber take a look at it. Put a drain pan under the new unit.

Make sure that you properly configure and route the temperature and pressure relief valve discharge line when you replace the unit. http://www.nachi.org/tpr-valves-discharge-piping.htm

I too would say that hire a plumber before the leak damages your house. Keep the main valve off till the plumber comes.