Water heater help

Need a little help with this. The water heater has no combustion air. The WH closet door opens into the bedroom hallway. Not sure if this type needs more. Also, help with age please. Bradford White m# MI40T6FBN, s# JE16660067. From what I have found it is '92. When does their cycle start over because it is much newer than that? Thanks in advance.

Manufactured May 23 2012
Warranty Expires August 31 2018

http://warranty.bradfordwhite.com/warranty/warranty.asp Then type in serial#

Did you check the floor and ceiling for combustion air vents?

That’s a 40 gal Natural and it Clearly is not enough combustible air and service space and no pan or drain for pressure release that I can see… Write it up!

I see the pan now !!!

Yeah the pan is there, however, the TPR discharge pipe goes up through the attic and about 15 feet over then down through the soffit. Pretty long for a TPR pipe.


And not allowed in that configuration at all.

Why not that configuration? The valve at the bottom allows it to drain, it is pretty close to the 30’ limit. The only thing I can think of is the way it discharges down then turns to go up. Am I missing something?

What? Shut-off valves not allowed on a TPR drain line? :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t that tank can create enough pressure to shoot steam/water up and over the house? :slight_smile:

It’s not a shut off valve for the pipe, it’s a drain valve. You can’t close it and shut off the pipe. Look at the pic again. It doesn’t close off the pipe.

You are missing a serious safety hazard. I recommend taking the water heater course.

There’s no valve of any type allowed on a tpr drain line. More important the pipe Must[size=2] [size=2]discharge at[/size][/size] downward slop[size=2], Not ve[size=2]rtical.[/size] [/size]

T&P valve is require to drain by gravity. Also supposed to discharge in the same room.

Yes nothing right about it Make sure you write that one up .

Also appears to be PVC which is only rated for 180 degrees requires CPVC or metal