A little help

How would you comment on this water heater? It’s 8 years old. The TPR eventually vents out to the exterior of the house. I know it can’t be inline with the other device. How would you word it?

The device on top is THIS

It is used to prevent excessive pressure in the supply lines.

May or may not be allowed by local code. Check with your AHJ.

Yeah - it’s a relief valve, but I’ve understood the 2 can’t be inline, they have to discharge separately. Right? :-k
I’m looking more about the TPR extension, it runs back up and around the tank.

TPR should discharge where it can be seen by the occupants, preferably in the same room.

The pressure relief discharging through the tee into the TPR drain line, may or may not be permitted by the local code inspector.

The TPR valve should NEVER run up ! If sediment gets into the line and basically creates a plug, the consequenses can be catastrofic.:shock:

Needs attention by a licensed professional. Not supposed to tie the 2 together. Your right serperate lines.

These devices and installation type have been discussed several times here.
Check with your local AHJ.

As for Ohio this is a very big no no!! The previous inspector was correct the line should not run up. This is very dangerous. Also it should terminate where you can see it. There is no need for this other relief valve. If the TPRV is working properly it will notify you when there is too much pressure. Also this installation is hideous. Nothing about the way this is put in should have been done that way. I am also a licensed plumber and pipefitter and if I did anything like this I would loose my job and all credibility with the code inspectors. As I said this is a no no in Ohio. Hope this helps