Water heater leaks small amount gas.

My water heater leaks small amount gas, a technician came to my house yesterday, he used “ bubble leak locator “ to find that the gas is leaking around a nut which under the water heater’s pilot. He used a wrench to tighten the nut and tested again, it is looks the
Problem was solved . He charged $200.00. He also said if the problem happens again, probably I need to buy a new water heater because replacing a whole pilot will be cast about $400.
I used the leak locator to test it again yesterday evening; I still can find some active bubbles around the nut. So I called him. He said he will come to my house tomorrow. Now I have two questions here.

  1.  Can I use some “Tub & Tile Adhesive Caulk “, or glue or gas tape to prevent the leaking gas?  (I believe this kind of leaking is very small and also the technician  
    Maybe have no other good way to solve this problem).
  2.  A friend of mine told me that small amount of leaking gas doesn’t matter,
because the only danger of leaking gas is its very high concentration, and actually 
house also leaks air so it would be very difficult to reach the gas explosion point.
According to him, I don’t need too worry about.

Is his point of view correct? What should I need to do with this situation?

 Any comment will be appreciated. 


It wasn’t designed to leak any gas. Caulk and glue are not what you want to use.

I’d probably just replace it for a relatively few hundred bucks and peace of mind.

There is a small farrel (compression fitting) on the pilot gas tube that will distort with over tightening. It is not a $400 job. Find another contractor.

Can you smell gas? With the pilot lit?
Yes, than get it fixed.

  1. Everything leaks.

  2. Gas piping acceptable leak rates are generally bubble tight. Now as a home owner can you determine what level of bubble tight is correct, probably not.

  3. This will seal it.


  5. CALL YOUR LOCAL GAS COMPANY.:slight_smile:

If the repair can’t be fixed by removing the pilot line and adding joint compound then the pilot line and ferrules on both ends can be replaced. Most plumbers don’t like to do this kind of repair because the pilot line is so fragile it is hard to work with so close to the floor. To remove the entire assy. is tricky becuase then you have to remove everything from the gas valve and you now can compound the leak potential at the burner supply line. All these ferrules are fragile and can be ruined by bumping into them. Any gas leak is unacceptable, it could still ignite, even a small flame will further sacrafice the gas valve and then you have bigger problems. Plus you are paying for wasted gas. For the cost of further repairs, replace the heater, check the warr. Call the manufacturer yourself with the serial number, ask the plumber for a partial credit towards the replacement.

Yesterday the plumber came to my house, he released the nut and put some
“ multy-propose thread sealant” and put it back. The leaking was sealed.
I will try to use it , maybe I need to replace a new waterheater soon.

Thank you everybody here!

What did he charge you this time? $200.00?

But they charge $200?

As a plumber I feel you have been taken advantage of. This would be an hour minimum job (unless they charge $200 per hour) and the second call should be a call back with no charge. It should have been checked properly the first time and if in doubt then he should have used pipe dope then. It is completely unacceptable to allow ANY gas to leak. That small leak can lead to BIG problems.

If you do look at the on demand water heaters. No tank. Also a federal tax rebate.