Water Heater Pressure Valve

It could works but it is OK?

In order, apparently, not to have water inside the kitchen area, where also is the laundry equipment, this new house provides to customer a nice solution, connect a copper extension to the Pressure Valve an extend that throught the wall to the outside.

In this way whenever the pressure valve is activated then owner wont have problem with their kitchen equipment, but also, never will noticed when the pressure valve was shut, beacuse water just get to the outside.

Is this type of connection allow, I know it could works (I Hope)?


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This would not be allowed in Canada also the discharge has been reduced from 3/4 to 1/2 it is not allowed to be reduced . .
Roy Cooke Sr

Thanks Roy very important detail!!!

William, Roy is correct that you can not reduce the piping diameter on the PRV piping. Most of the PRV piping here is plumbed to the outside of the house.