Water Heater Venting

Evening folks, wonder if you all could bear with me and address what should be a simple issue but, because of too much time in the 70’s, is causing me to question myself tonight. Here goes, two things. First pic one of a hot water heater vent. If I’m reading code right that vent should be as short and straight as possible with 45 degree bends okay. I’m staring at two 90s? I know, I didn’t give you much in the way of a photo but any help would be appreciated. That horizontal run is about 8 inches. In the second photo, you see the same WH vent running straight into asbestos vent and then taped with foil. Would love to see that union. Any thoughts?? THANKS!


Hi Michael

1/4 inch slope per foot required and no more than two 90’s.

That b vent to asbestos lined vent looks like just tape to me.

Asbestos you simply leave be or encapsulate.

Here is the Inspecting NY verbage which is easy to hunt down,though I think NACHI has a good water heater link to a educational video.

Thanks Robert for the help!


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