Water Heater Venting

I believe this is a record for me…

Horizontal run for the water heater was approx. 25-28 feet, with very little to no incline.

Total length from WH to vertical vent pipe was close to 40 feet.

What are your opinions on the total horizontal length of this set-up?

Client intends to relocate the vent anyway, as the WH is close to 30 years old, and the (basement) bathroom door smashes into it when opening! (pic 4).

We were both shaking our heads (client is a Sparky and extremely knowledgeable about homes) since the entire vent system was replaced about 4 years ago during a reno. We both stated at the same time “What the hell were they thinking”?!






I do not see how it could vent properly.

I couldn’t either. If I go with the formula that the max. horizontal run is no more than 75% of the total vertical height of approx 20 feet, that would equate to max horiz run of about 15 feet, which still seems excessive in this given situation.

This is a good example of why I like my clients to be at the inspection. There is no question in my mind that my clients fully understands the issue(s), and will have corrections made.

Time to consider a power vent as a replacement though even those have limitations on pipe size, length of run and number of elbows permitted.