Water Heater-What's wrong with this picture?

See anything unusual?

Missing the two hose clamps and piece of garden hose?


Shouldn’t there be a funnel in the lower section of the TPR drain???

You guys are funny!

It looks like an attempt to fix a mistake.

The TPRV is required to be plumbed independent of other drains. The PRV was tied into it at one point (I am speculating) and it was cut away when the error was discovered.

Other than that, it looks like a pretty standard installation, although I have always questioned the true efficiency of having a timer installed.

If the TPRV ever discharges, the steam will blow straight up and not to the exterior and/or within 6" of the ground. The vertical piece from the TPRV should be capped or removed.

Thanks Jeff. If I had a prize, you would have won it! I thought it looked a bit obscure. Thanks again for the constructive comments.

You’re right Michael. I think it needs a total make over, but since it is getting up there in age, I think they were just going to replace it to avoid any mishaps.

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The problem is, they replace the heater, not the discharge piping. As Mike said, at minimum, the vertical piece should be capped.

Hey at worse case they at least have the fire extiguisher right there handy in case of problems.:slight_smile: