Water Heater

I inspected a water heater today that was 10 years old. Had lots of corrosion on top of the unit. Looked like something was happening with the flue exhaust pipe. There were indications of lots of zinc oxide leaking at the “Y” for the furnace and water heater flue exhaust connection. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

This looks wrong the smallest BTU device should enter at the highest level. It looks like the furnace is above the water heater. The corrosion is from the improperly vented toxic gases. Refer to specialist .

That is back drafting at its worst, the furnace exhaust may be pushing back out of the water heater. I agree with Gerald, the tee connection is setup wrong and this is the result.

Ditto what the guys said

I had good experience with one agency complete services when my water heater get leak-aged.I call them & the repairer had came within time & gave me services within time too.

“refer to a contractor”, I would have considered the height of the chimney, but it is not our job to try and figure out. Was the furnace power assisted, Too many variables