Corrosion on fittings on water heater

Hello all. I am an inspector in training. I’m doing my mock inspections step to get certified.
A five year old water heater has corrosion at connections for hot, cold and expansion tank. Am I correct that this is indication of long running water leaks? I realize as an inspector it’s not in my scope to diagnose it, but it’s my friend’s house and I’d like to give her helpful and accurate info. TIA!

Can you upload some pictures?

I have photos on ipad and having trouble moving them here…

Do you know how to upload photos?

As Jacob stated, pictures would help to see the type of corrosion and severity.

Morning, Cindy. Hope this post finds you well.

Observation: Corrosion at water heater domestic supply plumbing pipe connections to the hot and cold supply line including the expansion tank.
*Note: When copper and steel are connected together, in the presence of a conductive liquid, the bulk water in the pipe, an electro/chemical reaction occurs called galvanic corrosion causing the steel treads, at first, to corrode at the point of connection evenly moving on conductive material downstream.
Recommend: A licensed plumbing contractor evaluate and provide corrective actions at noted defects and deficiencies.
Limitations: Items excluded from a building inspection; Water quality. Concealed plumbing. Operating TPR valves. Etc, Etc…
Just my 2 cents.

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thank you. I remember this now from the course work.

Michael, Jacob - here is one.