Water Heater

That’s a classic

I’d say. 38 years!


So why was the breaker tripping if the timer was off???

You guys do know that a glass tank will last for 30-50 years. The metal tanks are the ones that go 7-12 years.

Roy I know yours is a glass tank. I bet the other older ones were glass tanks also.

Glass is the only ones I would buy.

Did not know that tidbit or just don’t remember that in any classes or books I have read…thanx Greg

Pretty sure even the cheap ones have glass lined tanks. I have always been told that water heaters with good magnesium anodes and yearly tank draining, will stretch the useful life the most.

I had a client who had a forty year old glass tank(square). Every couple of years he changed the rubber seals(hose washers). He kept extra elements and thermostats on hand. His insurance company made him change it. He and I both knew he was better off with the old one.

Personally I just put in the serial number and the age of the water heater and age.
If it is more than 12 years. I state water heaters typically have a 12 year life span from the manufacture. This does not mean the water heater will not fail immediately however budgeting for a new one should be a consideration.
There is no way predicting how long any piece of equipment will last.

A lot may have to do with quality of water in the area also.



Here is some comments I use regarding water heaters and when recommending a licensed tradesman.

“Water heater operated as designed at time of inspection. However, due to age (X years)and conditon (Rust and corrosion noted at base of water heater), the unit must be considered marginal. Expect to repair or replace unit anytime with in the next 5 years.”

…Recommend evaluation and repair/replacement by licensed …

Use in good health!