How to report this?

Hi Folks,

Did this inspection and this is what i found on the water heater.Attached pics.The brand of the water heater is A.O Smith. Should i recommend a replacement of the heater by a licensed plumber? I thank you all for the help.


DSC00310 (Small).JPG

DSC00309 (Small).JPG

DSC00312 (Small).JPG

Looks like corroded fittings, what’s the problems with the heater itself? And what’s the deal with the red corrosion? I’ve never seen it that color. Looks like someone tried to seal a leak at the expansion tank connection with spagetti sauce.

Corroded pipes are typical in many houses and I note the corrosion in my report but I wouldn’t recommend replacement based on that alone.

This water heater appears to be 10 years old which would get it into my deffered cost section of the report.

If that’s a rusted through draft hood it needs to be replaced.


Looks like rust (on both) (but why- possible leak at one time?) from a galvinized nipple. The vent looks like paint peeling to me. The water heater is ten years old but an OA Smith can have a longer life spam. I installed them for ten years. Good heater.

Good life spam on AO’s…recomend budget for future replacement…upgrade to a 50 gallon for the gals in the family…

Plz add 5 points to my rating …thx