Water htr close to furnace

Good day America’s finest, provide if you please, any input you deem appropriate to this situation: I inspected this dwelling which had the gas water heater stuffed in a small room close to the furnace. My general understanding is that no wtr heaters and furnaces should dwell in the same closet. Even though this is a highE furnace which theoretically does not communicate with the same air does this still hold true? Combustion air was taken from the attic right above. Diffuser had no burn signs from back draft and no rust. There was powdery sooty looking material around the bottom though. Could not take the front off the furnace due to the folding door too close. Furnace filter was built into a wall on a large return air duct which appeared to be the only source of return. I felt this was fine. I recommended an HVAC tech eval becasue of their cozy relationship, rust on bottom of furnace, no TPR extension line and some etc. Input always appreciated.
mike in MN

As long as there is sufficient combustion air and working space, I see no issue with the two being in the same utility closet.

I find them all the time set up like this. I see no isues with it at all.

No problem as installed in Okla must have proper combustion air and the return air must be sealed not allowed to draw any from within the closet

Where are the gas and drain connections? If it’s at the rear, how can it be inspected and serviced?

P.S. Can you get to the furnace? How will it be serviced? Can either unit be replaced without removal of a wall?

Where’s the TPR discharge pipe?

thanks for the input! joe the gas and drain and shutoff are close and condensate goes to drain in the floor in front of the furnace but i could not open the furnace, tight behind a bifold door which i was not willing to remove. i think service will be difficult. i was keeping in mind a post by roy:

Ok I think I understand what you have correct me if I am wrong I am just thinking out loud. A gas fired 90% furnace with exterior C air with the return thru the door of the furnace by way of the luvered door. Big problem gas fired WH in the same closet violates the 10 FT requirement. The return on the furnace will draw CO from the flue of the Water heater when ever both are operating at the same time

i listen to that guy
…so now I’m understanding that the setup can be ok providing certain conditions are met

also either c air or venting was reduced (could not establish which) and the evaporator appeared to have been switched to upstream of the blower…i thought the whole scenerio merited a visit by an HVAC tech but I hate to recommend that if not neccessary
MN mike

Mike if the return air is in the same closet by way of the luvered doors that is not allowed anywhere as it draws CO from the water heater if both are operating at same time. Danger danger Will Smith;-)

Not where it should be, by the looks of the rust on the side of the tank.

We like togetherness here a lot had this one yesterday upstairs no less

What about induced draft and natural draft combining into the same flue? Is that a problem?

The natural draft appliance should not be connected into the portion of the mechanical draft system operating under positive pressure.

Do not common-vent natural draft with appliances that use a positive-pressure draft. Remember that the draft inducer fans in medium-efficiency furnaces don’t put the vent under positive pressure.

Common Vent

Aaaah. Thanks man

Mike Inward have a night time roof scan out of town will get back to your E-mail tomorrow gotta load the truck, see ya

or this one…
Water Heater has to be removed to service the HVAC
(Closet Install with a 30 inch bifold door)