Water in Kitchen Floor

While I was checking the kitchen sink of this house today, I noted I was standing in water. Immediately shut off all water flow ( sink & dishwasher) and ran for the towels and shop vac. Got everything dried up and started my search. After checking all the plumbing under the sink and under the dishwasher, I could not find any source of the water. Dry under the sink and dishwasher. The kitchen is located on the second floor of a three story home. And to add to this there was moisture noted with a meter on the ceiling and on the baseboard in the basement.
This home is vacant with no refrigerator and the ice maker line was hanging out of the cabinet next to where that frig would be located. The valve for the cold water supply to the sink and ice maker supply line were off. When operating the kitchen faucet, water was back flowing from the hot supply line into the ice maker line. The hot water supply was then shut off and no more water was flowed to the sink.
After drying everything out and tracing the source of the water, I then contacted both agents involved to advice them of the situation. Everything seemed to be ok with them today. I have also contacted my E&O to give them a heads up.
Has anyone experienced this situation and just on opinions on will this likely be an insurance claim on me.
Also is there any requirement for an individual shut off for the ice maker line.


So I take it that the ice maker line was “T” ed off of the cold water supply riser to the sink faucet?

That is not your issue. Anyone could walk into the house and open the faucet and water would come out of the open line. Your own experience is reason enough for you to state that the refrigerator line should have its own valve. I would certainly document it as a deficiency and describe what occurs in the report. The deficiency is what is responsible for the water on the floor, not you.

Why would you contact your E&O carrier… unless it is also your GL carrier?

They are my GL carrier is why I contacted them. I just wanted to let them know up front in case the homeowners try to blame me.
This house has been on the market for several months and I would imagine that I not the first one to flow water from that kitchen faucet since the frig was removed.