Water line repair program.

I have owned 2 homes and both of them needed to have the main water line replaced.

I enrolled in the Ohio water line program. It is thru the gas company(I think that this is wierd that the gas offers the service & not the water company)

I only pay $3.50 a month and both replacements would of cost me about 2-3K each. I can deal with the yard cleanup. They offer this service as well.

I always sugeest to my inspection clients that you are responsable for the lines from the city service to the home.

I attach this link to there report. http://retail.dom.com/products/warranty/oh_waterline.jsp

With the litigation concerns with are profession the last thing I need is a client to file a complaint that I didnt note the leaking main line.

If the meter is running and there is no water on there is a good chance of a leak. This is how I knew mine was leaking.

Do other states offer this program? If they do you should pass this on to your clients.

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Dave, PA. has this type of service too. and as your pic shows they usually break in the winter months also. I notice this company (Dominion) also offers a electrical repair program, I wonder what that consists of? I doubt they would install a new panel, anybody ever use this?


Click on the PA link.