Does your home inspector offer sewer line protection

In a few weeks we will be adding a new plan to our ever growing list of client benefits. With every inspection, we will include a sewer and water line protection plan. More details will be forth coming!

I certainly would love to hear the details. I have found, for myself, I try to add too much to our services. The more “protection” you offer, the closer you and your family are starving on the street corner. Unless there is MAJOR competition in your direct area, it may not be necessary. But, I get it. Anything to get the client.

No sir, nor do I intend to, but that’s just my business model.

Looks as if another “Hungry Home Inspector” is scavenging for crumbs.

Sometimes when you gather enough crumbs, you can make an awesome pie!

Sewer Inspections yes, Protection No, but I would like to hear what is about

I hear you there.

Sewer Lateral Inspections are Offered at an Additional Charge…
The fact that few are ever booked limits my liability…
And you suggest offering as an inclusion?

I used to offer different protection plans but just wait until it is needed and they do not answer the clients or your calls or emails.
At that moment you become liable for the product you gave them, whether it was free or they paid a fee. I guarantee your phone will ring and they will not want just a refund.

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I here ya Jeff and completely agree. It’s not part of a Home Inspection and I see no benefits. Not to mention but in 12 years inspection I think less than 5 sewer inspections were even requested of me. So at least for me it is not needed.

Juan, I am just curious, but what would be a benefit of offering this insurance plan to your clients that hire you for a Home Inspection?


“Lateral inspections” and sewer line “protection” are not the same thing. Even if I were to offer the inspections, I wouldn’t offer any type of protection plan, but again, this is just me - I offer no warranty or guarantee, just my opinion as to the present condition of the property.

I know several inspectors offering warranties, roof-certs and other “protection-type coverage.” More power to them - if it works, do it.

Personally, I don’t want the call backs when things start going south. Even if the coverage-company is very responsive, the calls will usually come to me first.

Yep…you said it.
Just more headaches not needed by anyone doing good business already.
Guess just like all the logos and certifications it is one more thing to pack a website with.

Personally I think there are better ways to market but for those not imaginative or are newbies they might wish to add it while it is being pushed at them.

Might as well list window glass protection,kitchen floor falls and health coverage,sink hole policy,tree branch destruction,etc.
Heck who cares about real inspections anymore.

Anybody can offer anything to trick someone into hiring them to do a home inspection. Why not “sewer line protection”?

In recent weeks, I have two clients who have suffered losses due to sewer and drainage issues. One claim is for a loss that exceeds $120,000.00. Since most policies exclude or severely limit recovery from the mold that results from such backups into the home, having a home inspector guaranteeing such “sewer line protection” would be a real bonus.

Having a home inspector to provide what the insurance company excludes would be a real benefit to a home owner.

Bob I completely agree with you Jeff and the others. I would though keep an open mind, and like to hear from Juan just what benefits he thinks offering insurance for this would bring him.


But Jim, you don’t think there would be any limitations on such a Inspector provided insurance policy do you? I am sure this “insurance” would cover all that the insurance companies exclude and without any limits.


I guess that depends on the policies and contractual terms of the insurance provider that planted the idea into his head over the weekend! Just sayin’! :neutral:

A gimmick is a gimmick is a gimmick.

If you want insurance buy the real thing.

Other than the state and federal regulations, there’s not a whole lot of difference between insurance and warranties. It comes down to the company/entity that is financially responsible for backing their coverage.

I choose not to offer these services, but that doesn’t mean I believe they are gimmicks or that they’re “worthless.” To the contrary, if they deliver as promised, they are certainly beneficial to the consumer.

I simply choose to separate myself from these services - for better or worse. On the other hand, if I were a multi-inspector “firm/company” with office staff and other employees to handle calls, I may well be tempted to offer additional services that may be beneficial to the client.


Just who is offering these and are they legally able to offer such a service and with what backing financially?

I consider them gimmicks as their backing is suspect.