Water loss prevention inspection

I was contacted by a recent client today who asked me if I could do a water loss prevention inspection. He was told by his insurance agent that he could get a discount on his homeowners by having one done. Does anyone have any experience with those inspections?

Never heard of it before, but a quick Google search shows that the credit requires inspection by a licensed plumber (at least for the couple of companies I checked). A plumber can probably afford to do it much cheaper or free, because unlike you, he can sell and install remediation products to the ̶v̶i̶c̶t̶i̶m̶ consumer.


Thanks Chuck. I did the google search too but was surprised how little I could find out about it.

Domestic water supply Leak detection and insurance.
SMARTER WATER - LOSS PREVENTION reduce water damage risk and claims
Think Heat/Smoke/Fire detectors.

I am sure a thorough plumbing inspection and report if a leak detector is present would suffice.