Water Meter Check

How many inspectors check the water meter when doing an inspection? If you have no signs of water leaks at the property, would you check it?
I can understand how this would be beneficial.
If you have all faucets off in the structure and the meter is still turning, it is a indication that a leak is present.
Any comments would be appreciatted.


Hi Richard,

I always teach that that check should be done on any property built on slab as most are down here in Florida.



I have a look if I can find it. Running meter at a vacant house could mean a leak.
I have had the first clue to a damaged flapper valve on a toilet at the meter.

I always check the water meter box. Many times I find it full of water, full of black widows, full of ants, or full of soil. Usually I find those conditions at the smaller properties/homes, so that is also the location for the only water shutoff valve. Obviously, those conditions make it somewhat dangerous to turn the water off in an emergency. I think that is very, very helpful information for my Clients. It also lets me note in the report where their water meter and main water shutoff valve are. That’s also helpful information, I believe.

Could be. Before making that determination I would first have to rule out the activation of any automatic water comsuming device such as a water softener in regereration cycle, water powered sump pump, drip or trickle feed outdoor watering system, automatic pet/livestock watering dishes, etc, etc.