Water meter housing full

Saw this at todays inspection, I assume that the meter dial / guage is seperated from the water line . Is it normal for the whole housing to be wet? This meter is inside of a basement so external liquid from a flooded pit is not the source. Is this leaking and defective?

That is an air bubble BTW,I would Appreciate any insight on this,

The meter belongs to the water company. Your client isn’t buying the meter.

What Chuck said. Just report water inside the meter housing & recommend contacting the utility company for repair.

Any time I find a leak, damage or deficiency of the meter or upstream connection I make sure the client understands that it belongs to the utility company & is the utility’s responsibility. Folks are all too happy to call in a repair when it is on the utility company’s dime.
Same goes for the utility company side of SE cable damage or trees, etc.


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Thanks for the replies, It’s one of those occasional head scratchers, leaky gasket or by design is the question, I will find out for sure on monday when public works opens up but until then it’s going to take up space in the old noodle. Cheers!