Water Powered Sump Pump

Saw one of these in a newer home over the Christmas holidays while at a dinner party with my wife. Wasn’t really a good time to ‘inspect’.

I just dug up the following link over the weekend:


Has anyone else seen them?

How many GPM does it pump though?
Can’t be much.

This is the model that I frequently encounter. They work quite well.



See instructions

Barry if you do not know just say so:)
Don’t make me work.

I saw a water powered sump pump on TV and it was used as a back up to a powered sump pump. I have had pumps fail and this would have been cheaper then replacing carpet etc.


Agreed…They do waste good water, pumping the waste water out. So I wouldn’t reccomend them as a primary system. But for a backup system they make terrific sense. Around here, we loose power all the time durring major storms. That’s when you need the primary pump the most. Running these off the water supply when there is no power to the home is awesome. I reccomend them routinely as a backup.