Water Pressure

Current inspection I just completed the water pressure in the kitchen sink
Is a trickle. Even though other sinks and tubs have normal pressure.
The turn off valves under the kitchen sink are on and there is
No clog on the faucet spout.
I recommend having a plumber check it out but my curiosity
Begs to know why.
If anyone has an idea of why this is happening
Your input is appreciated.

That’s an issue with flow, not pressure. There can be debris or obstruction in the piping. supplies, cartridges spout or aerator, especially if the water lines are galvanized. If the flow is uniformly low for both hot and cold, it’s likely to be in the faucet.

I strongly urge you not to check the stop valves in the future.

Ditto that, it could be any number of issues.

Although I can understand the need to ask “why” because of curiosity, I tell my clients I quit asking “why” a long time ago, document out what you see in your report and sleep good tonight knowing you did your job. :wink:

The first time that they leak and you can not get them off and you’'ll know why Chuck made the above suggestion. :shock:

The best to you, Charles. :slight_smile:

I recently replaced my kitchen faucet because it was getting old and also flow was low. The shut-off valves wouldn’t hold so I had to close the main. When I disconnected the piping at the valves, there was debris from the rubber of the valves obstructing the flow. So as mentioned above, debris obstructing the flow is a possibility but there are other possibilities.