Water Pressure

Current inspection I just completed the water pressure in the kitchen sink
Is a trickle. Even though other sinks and tubs have normal pressure.
The turn off valves under the kitchen sink are on and there is
No clog on the faucet spout.
I recommend having a plumber check it out but my curiosity
Begs to know why.
If anyone has an idea of why this is happening
Your input is appreciated.

https://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/water-pressure-134473/#post2062506 :smiley:

You need to learn the difference between PRESSURE and FLOW.

Pressure is determined most often by how high the storage tank (i.e. the water tower serving the neighborhood) is in relation to the point of use (the hose bib, kitchen faucet, what-have-you). This pressure can be reduced at any point by use of a regulator, or increased by use of a pump. It is a measure of how many pounds per square inch the water in the system is exerting.

Flow is primarily a function of the size of the opening through which it is passing. As long as the pressure is greater than zero, water can flow at a tremendous rate as long as the opening is large enough. You can have a water pressure of 80 PSI but still have a low flow if the plumbing through which the water is flowing is restricted at some point.

The word “trickle” describes the flow, not the pressure. If you have good flow and good pressure at the other fixtures, then the problem with your trickling fixture is a constriction somewhere, either at a valve or in a pipe.

In my own house the kitchen sink faucet flows slow due to the supply line size. I have a pressure gauge at the line into the house that reads 65 psi. I went as far as changing the Kohler faucet. No difference. Ever flushed the line, flowed great until connected onto the new faucet. The supply lines don’t come in lager sizes. All 3/8”

There is an obstruction affecting the flow to that fixture. If it affects both hot and cold it is most likely in the spout or faucet body. Don’t mess with the valves under the sink.