Water Pressure

Can anyone tell me what the ideal water pressure should be at an outside bibb connection and inside a house?

40~80 psi has been the standard for many years

Ditto , thats what I go by

Well DUH! :roll: :twisted: :roll: how’s my buddy? :wink:

IRC P2903.3 Minimum Pressure - - (40 psi)
IRC P2903.3.1 Maximum Pressure - - (80 psi)

Inside 40 to 80 has been the standard. I think the factory pre-sets on PRV use to be around 60 PSI, though with the flow restriction fictures I think the factory pre-sets were lowered, though still above 40 PSI. (a plumber may confirm this as it’s just my belief.)

Outside, often times a hose bibb is on street pressure, usually 120 PSI or so. But this may vary widely from location to location.