water smells

I inspected a house about two weeks ago. The new owners called me today asking why all the water sources in the house smell like the water on top of there pool cover. The pool has not been used for over two years.There are no leaks in the pool but the well is about fifty feet away. At the time of the inspection the water did not smell. The water was tested and came back negative for fecal. Also they say the water at the outdoor spigot does not smell. Any ideas

Carmine, how long has the house been vacant or relatively unused. If it has a rotten egg smell it is probably the reaction of the water heater.


Have the home owner try a cup or two of bleach in every waist - kitchen, bath, tub/shower, floor waist if odors might be coming from the drains. If odors emanate from the potable water source, have the owner check for Plastic connection hoses - from bib to faucet. These plastic hoses are known to cause odors.
Good Luck.

I had one exactly the same Out side tap was great and the rest smelled .
Traced it to the water softener all water in the home went through the softener.
Dave Bush is correct if it is only hot water then it can be two things bad Anode rad in the tank or iron bacteria growing in the tank .
. Are they on a well if so then just maybe the previous had dumped chlorine in the well to stop the smell . .
Pl ease keep us posted I am sure some one has been there done that .
I do know chlorine in the hot water tank will make it go away for a long time .
I have been told turn tank up to 160 for 24 hours and it to should kill the Bacteria.
Could the smell be comming from the sink drain .
I had one of these an finally cured it by filling the sink with water and putting some drain cleaner down the over flow.
Roy Cooke

Sometimes well water smells like rotten eggs in areas that have high sulfur in the water table ie:coal.

He said out side tap did not smell /
Roy Cooke

If the house has been vacant for some time it may help to flush the system, start where the water line comes in from the well, connect a hose and flush the system for 30 minutes. It may be the holding tank is full of sediment too, flush that as well as the hot water heater. Keep us posted, interesting.

Thanks for everyone’s help. I’ll post the answer - when I find out what it is.