Water vapor/Steam fireplace

Hello there. Just wondering if anybody has come across these new water vapor fireplaces and what to look for when inspecting them?
Thanks for the feedback and happy holidays to all.

I have no experience with them, Michael.

From Google:

How do water vapor fireplaces work?

Fireplaces with water vapor

The Opti-Myst or water vapor fireplaces create a flame image by projecting light on ultra-fine water vapor . The water vapor is generated by an ultrasonic evaporation with an evaporator, after which the water vapor rises by means of the heat of halogen lamps or a heat coil.

sounds like all kinds of potential problems there…

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I gotta go with James on this one. Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be!:upside_down_face:


But can you connect it to Alexa?