Water Wicking Up Through Drilled Termite Treatment Holes

I recently (6 months ago) had my home treated for termites. Holes were drilled around the inside perimeter of my garage and front porch (both unexposed to rain). After a recent unusually heavy rain that went on for a few days, with flooding on my streets, I noticed that one of the drilled holes in my garage and another on my porch had water wicking up. None of the other holes, which were each drilled about a foot apart, appeared this way. My first thought was it could occur if they had drilled through a drain line, but this has not happened before with regular use of our showers, toilets, etc. The ground slopes away and the gutters drain away from my home. What else could cause this to occur? It just seems odd that it’s only these two holes, which are in completely different areas, have this occurring. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (see photos attached)

Marc, Water gets where water can. If the water table in your area has risen because of recent heavy rains, then subterranean water will flow through it’s easiest route. It doesn’t have to travel in straight lines and it doesn’t have to follow a particular path.

Cracks and crevices in the soil below the slabs can allow water to access one part of the sub-slab area and not another. One the water has found a way, the pressure will increase in that area while the water looks for somewhere else to flow. This can lead to capillary action in edges of the plugs to the drilled holes.

The only way to confirm this is to re-drill the holes and see if water pours up through them. Then wait for a dry spell of reset the holes with something like an epoxy resin (e.g bondo) which is water proof and will seep into the surrounding cement of the hole reducing any chance of capillary activity in the future.

By re-drilling it will also confirm that no pipes were drilled in the original treatment. If they were, then you have a bigger problem on your hands.

Thank you for the quick reply Leonard!
Few additional questions:
Would hydraulic cement work the same as epoxy resin?
What would cause the darkened line around the first photo?
Once I re-drill the holes, how can I easily identify if a pipe has been hit?