WDI in TX Dont understand

Hey guys, I have read some posts re WDI but dont get all the info. Working on nachi WDI course now but am reading conflicting info about what to do with it and my inspection biz. Do NOT want in the pest control biz. Help? Thanks

If you want to talk to clients about termites in Texas, you need a license from the Texas Department of Agriculture. The state considers you incompetent to do so unless/until you have a Structural Pest Control license.

There have been a few instances where TREC inspectors have made observations about termites and have been fined $5K by the TX Dept of Agriculture.

If you don’t have the necessary licenses be very careful about what you say or write in your reports.

Should they (your reports) end up in the wrong location you too could be the recipient of such a notice.

Like Chuck said, you need to be licensed to do WDO inspections.

I have been blessed to work with an inspector who has done the hard work and time to become a licensed applicator from the Department of Agriculture. I’ve done my apprentice training under him and next month I’ll be taking my hours to qualify to be a licensed technician. This means I will be working for him and legally able to do termite inspections, while I continue to work towards the required time to become an applicator.

While I’m not exactly sure how lucky I am to have come into this situation, it may be worth it to seek out some sort of deal like this.

WDO = wood destroying organism (includes wood rot)
WDI = wood destroying insect (excludes wood rot)

Wood rot however is considered conducive in Texas.

In Texas its not a WDO report but rather a WDI report however document WDO as conducive. :stuck_out_tongue:

The TDA law is tied into acceptance of compensation for identification of insects. Its in the first sentence of the act. A precaution would be to say “the following comment is offered without compensation”. TDA may have a hard time fining you if you did not receive compensation" because you would be outside the scope of their statute. You can also be cautious by saying “appears to be” and “recommend evaluation by the licensed TDA inspector”.

I advise new inspectors "If you see nothing . . . say no more than I did not do a termite inspection. If you see suspect or actual termites say “The following is provided without compensation; there appears to be termite damage (or termites) at xxxx. Recommend a licensed TDA pest professional inspect the property.”

I did WDI inspections for 30 years. The stress and compensation was not worth it. If you want to get a pest license then by all means create a pest control company business plan and build it. I believe building a pest control business over 20 years would be a better business plan than home inspections. Easier to train staff; very minor liability; you deal direct with your client; you can sell it easier.

See my comments further down the thread.