WDI Inspections In Texas

I’m not trying to act like I am stupid here, but does anyone know , if you get the Nachi , WDI course completed can you inspect for WDI, without any other certification?

No. You must be licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture


Ok thank you for the information. And thank you for that link.

If you do get licensed under tpcs, then you must also have insurance.

There are many inspectors that have a termite license and dont have insurance for it. regardless if you doing treatments or not, you still need the correct insurance for termite services.

What about the inspectors that are contractors to a firm that has the license and the insurance. I know there is still certifications to get but then isn’t the inspector acting on behalf of the Termite company as a contractor?

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So I guess I am not understanding here, so if you have the WDI certification on here, it’s really only good for CE hours then, because you can’t really use it without getting the other license from the ag for treatment.

its very much possible if again you have the correct license along with annual ceu’s, and are covered under the contractors insurance incase of negligence or what not.

just using them as TREC ceu’s. Not texas pest control ceus.