We are only printing 500 WDO Inspection Field Guides. Makes WDO inspections easy.

I’ll take one.
Hans Pollesche

I would like a copy as well!
Steve Wessler

Would love one.
Norman Richards

Hey guys, I don’t think this is a daily door prize…

Order Now

Over half of them have sold already.

trying to but the wdo book but it will not let me

Ummm… When are these going to ship?

I would like one also
thank you

Very soon. We had to re-order bigger spirals as we printed it on high quality, glossy card stock and didn’t realize how thick they would be. Binding this week.

I will take one also. Over 95% of my home inspections include my termite inspection.

You guys realise these books are for SALE, right??? :wink:

Im in

Brian you crack me up.
Anybody seen that Duffy guy? Just lookin for my ABC’s book.

Makes them easy, no need to crawl though dirty crawlspaces or tight attics I guess, Huh??? Can’t learn this crap from a book folks, good luck. I am not saying whatever this is isn’t worth having but nothing makes it easy. Or safe. Or legal,or without liability etc.