We did it!!! InterNACHI now has 1,000 members in Canada!

InterNACHI… the biggest, best professional trade association of inspectors.

Biggest in Canada… biggest in the world… best everywhere!

That’s Fantastic !!! :roll::roll::roll:

Great milestone Good for you NICK and for Canada … Roy

“To infinity… and beyond!” Buzz Lightyear

Sail On …


What is the current US membership and the current World Membership? Just curious…

É Voila, Congratulations!

7,195 in the U.S.
80 in U.S. territories.
60 in Puerto Rico
1,000 in Canada
32,400 +/- worldwide

Save RICS, it is pretty clear that the world has one major professional association for inspectors.

***32,400 +/- worldwide ***seems like an incredible number. What is the breakdown?

The bulk of them are in China.

Although Kenton has a big chapter evolving in Australia.

Congrats and thanks to all Canadian members

Canada has about 10% of the population that the USA has
% wise we shoud have 700 Canadian NACHI members .
This shows Me Canadian Home Inspector love NACHI big time .
Fantastic so glad for NACHI .

Canada is InterNACHI’s strongest market per capita, worldwide.

If you took all 1000 Canadian members and lined them up, a mile apart, starting in St John’s and heading due west, that line would stretch all the way into central Quebec.

Now, if you were to stack them on on top of the other . . . . . . . :shock:

I thought you were going to say that if you took all 1000 Canadian members and lined them up, and started marching them into the ocean…

it would be a really good start. ;-):mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just funnin’ you guys… You know I love ya! :smiley:

I’d guess we can take it ! Haha . :D:D:D:D

Pretty Please not now the ocean is too cold 33 °F .

Can we wait for summer when it warms up to 42°F.
We Canadians get a little more excited when its too Cold …
. Thanks … Roy

How 'bout just marching us through a mud puddle?

Good Job NACHI!

It aint over! More to come.

Marc-Andre from Brossard Quebec.:slight_smile: