InterNACHI membership in Canada approaching 1,000!

Canada is InterNACHI’s strongest market (per capita) in the world.

That`s why i chose Internachi!

Amazing how far we have come in the last 10 Years…


Now if we could just pool this resource and make it a powerful voice for this industry in Canada. Stop all those other groups, org., clubs, associations, alliances that are trying control who can and cannot be a HI in this country.

As I have said on another thread: Re: take a look at our Canadian Industry

Why? Why do we have to re-invent the wheel? If we, as 1000+ InterNACHI strong make our voice heard, we do not need another “Canadian” group. This is an International org. not just a U.S. one. It makes me chuckle when I go to my fellow HI websites and see that they are members of ever association under the sun, I guess to impress the customer. It seem like no one believes that InterNACHI can be that voice. That some how we cannot unite our local chapters and make that inpact on our industry.

Nick is doing everything to help make it “Canadian”. I think his effort to give us a Canadianized logos is to be applauded.

We need to stop looking and start believing that InterNACHI’s S.O.P. and Code Of Ethics is just as good if not better then everyone else’s. That InterNACHI requirements of membership is just fine and that we should stop those who are just trying to make a buck off our backs and be top dog on totem pole.

We need to work together as InterNACHI HI make our voice heard here in Canada and not let others tell us what we need.

I for one, am content and proud to be a member and only a member of InterNACHI and if there is anyone else who would like to make InterNACHI the voice of Canadians HI in our Canadian Industry then I’m with you.

And I would add, why not just establish a Canadian InterNACHI website link and a Canadian Head Office to make us Canadian enough for some.:shock:

Let’s work together to make InterNACHI “THE” voice of Canadian HI.

Anybody up to being head of the “Canadian InterNACHI Chapters Association Board” AND I don’t mean CanNACHI either :grin:

And Nick, if you read this post, don’t just tell me “Congratulation! your the President” either.:wink:

We need to organize!!! :slight_smile:

I’m starting to believe that Canada will forever consist of one main inspection association (InterNACHI) surrounded by mini-associations that come and go like stray dogs.

I tend to believe that you are right, NACHI is the best association and I am also a proud member of NACHI.
Thank you Nick from Beauchemin, Marc-Andre of Brossard Quebec.
The membership benifits and education far outweighs what any other association can provide.
At the helm of, I make a difference and provide a great home inspection thermographic enhanced service. So! Vive la différence!

If this is the case why do i keep hearing CAPHI, CAPHI, CAPHI???

I visited the website of an area Realtor this week and found a link “find a home inspector”, this link took me directly to the CAPHI website. Later that day I dropped by another Realtors office that I had not been to previously and before I could get a word out I was asked “are you a member of CAPHI?”.

If interNACHI has become the largest association in the country what can be done to let the rest of the the rest of the world know?

I am located in Nova Scotia and we seem to be far behind the rest of the country in letting the local CREA organisation know what interNACHI is and why it is the best organisation for home inspectors.

I investigated joining many different organisations before deciding on NACHI and I believe that I made the correct choice.

Isn’t it time that a smaller group like CAPHI that only seems to lobby for licensing to protect it’s members move out of the picture and let a group that actually represents the majority of inspectors become the voice of reason.


Rick Senior
bts Property Inspections

Form your own InterNACHI chapter Invite all your local agents to your meetings (they probably won’t come but the invitation showing you as their local association president is a great marketing piece). Make sure the invitation explains what InterNACHI as the association with the most rigorous membership requirements in Canada. Hills are meant to be taken. Get up there and put your inspection business flag (not InterNACHI’s) at the top. Be the King of the Hill in your local inspection market. You have as an attainable goal, to do every inspection in town.

I think it is up to us a members to promote INTERNACHI!!!I know when I do inspections they only normally care if there is something wrong with their house.I also know if I’am being priced - I suggest they pick a member of NACHI ,even if they don’t choose me!

Is anyone else in Atlantic Canada interested in forming a chapter?

I think it would be a great opportunity for us to get together and work on a joint marketing initiative.

Let me know your thoughts, I don’t believe that we have to be members of any other organisation.

Rick Senior
bts Property Inspections

So this means every Canadian is a InterNACHI member Just kidding congratulation to the people of the north

i’m telling you guys, NACHI will rule the planet, the other will have to conform or close shop…lolll

Being a Canadian and knowing how studious Canadian can be please tell us if we still carry that privilege Nick.

Well I will chime in that we don’t need to to anything but shine above the rest. That is what is needed in Ontario right now.
Here is what has been accomplished so far.
All organizations have been screened and questioned.
A Consulting firm did investigations and asked very pointed questions about the way Home Inspection Associations are run.
Dirty laundry has been brought to the surface and exposed openly. Messy but needed.
Wrong Media most likely has been squashed after this last meeting by Consumer Services.
Stake Holders have been put into there proper places by allowing the Consumer Services make a decision of who will make up the group dedicated to Home Inspection.
The “Watch Dog” has been put in control of the next stages.
That “Watch Dog” has respect for the hard work invested by many Professionals to get to this stage including Nick and the team from InterNachi.
Control has been taken away from any Association making comments to discredit InterNachi Inspectors.
What all InterNachi Inspectors need to do is carry on providing the best service possible and getting better education if needed to be prepared for the next stage of changes.

This is a 2-year old thread. We’re at 1,208 members in Canada and growing.


What makes you so sure Consumer Services will make the right decisions?

Do you really trust the Liberals to let so called industry stakeholders decide inspectors futures?

They have already stated only 8-12 will be chosen to sit on the panel.

In my view there should be no franchisors or other large education providers on the advisory panel. Only inspectors are being considered for licencing and NOT companies or education providers.

I know:-)
Just bring everyone up to date:-)

Fact is that Ontario is the largest percentage of InterNachi Inspectors in Canada. Are they all the best trained Inspectors? They can be if they want to be for free.
I put my guarantee on anyone to challenge the Site and read all the articles, take all the exams, watch every TV program in One Year.
$50000.00 worth of training I guarantee it.
Only one thing InterNachi can’t and will not due, is do it for you.:shock:

Fact is that Ontario is the largest percentage of InterNachi Inspectors in Canada.

Interesting we have, From what I see there are more nachi members that belong to no association