We have a 'Bailout Plan"

We have a 700 billion dollar fix on our way. I only hope it is a good one. Now more people can start buying homes again?

Bush said the goal is to help the government buy up troubled assets so that credit can start flowing again and the economy will rebound.

Once the market rebounds the government sells off these assets.

Don’t tell Randy S. He is afraid that it is Obama who is the Socialist.

Not afraid he is a socialist Jim! I know he is!

We will keep it between us.:slight_smile:

Bush has sold out the nation to Wall Street, anyone who believes that even one friggin’ dollar will escape the clutches of the Wall Street elite and find it’s way onto Main Street should check themselves into a mental hospital and seriously have their head examined.

But Joe …
It was just a few month’s ago he said the economy was strong.

Maybe that was the Bizzaro Bush.

The problem in the long run is that we make and manufacture nothing.

Someday you will all agree, but too late.(maybe, though I pray a inventor discovers a cheap energy)

Do me a favor and digg out those old posts from your buddies that agree with him.

Not to worry Bob if your man gets elected we won’t need a good economy. Big brother will step in and and feed you!

He sure has the time to do it.

And shine your shoes

Yeah really! If his boy gets elected maybe we will have that much time on my hands! The corporations will feed us and keep a roof over our head as forced upon them by Obama. At least they will until they close up shop! But it will be fun doing nothing for a while:) Hope the food is good!

What do you think they are doing NOW? That is, the ones that are still open. I would rather have a government that will help the less fortunate, than one that bails out the crooks that have put us in this position.

Even in this poorly ran state tell me how many people you know and how many of them are out of work. Describe to me what you mean by “less fortunate” Can you please give me an honest answer to these three questions?

I know many that are working for half, with less, if any, benefits then they were 4 or 5 yrs. ago.

Bush and the Republicans are big brother.

Wake up! They Live!

!00 year plan from China getting ready to go into final gear.

Welcome to communism.

What is many Christopher, as opposed to how many people you know and what do you mean by “less fortunate”

You ain’t seen nothin yet! Come November if the socialist gets in enter big brother the size of the jolly green giant.

Final thought.

I normally stay from political now,thanks to a certain member that seemed to stalk me.

Anyway aren’t you Republicans sorry we did not privatize SS.

Imagine where your retirement money would be.

Fess up and admit being wrong.

Why is it always REACT…we need a fast response, lets do sheot without thinking it through. If we do not act today we will be in trouble tomorrow. This turd is one react person. 700,000,000,000.00. BAIL out and they want the CEO’s to get their golden parachute because putting ANY stipulations on the money would not work…

I love the bailout…let see…Richard Syron CEO of Freddie Mac only got a 5 year deal of 62.91 Million. Lets see thats 365 days a year X 5 = 1825 days. Now lets divide that by the pay thats only $34, 471 and some change per day…

AIG CEO Richard S. Fuld Jr. gets 11 mil a year thats only $30,136 dollars A DAY!

Richard S Fuld old chairman of Lehman Brothers 5 year compensation - 354.03 Million 1825 days = 193,989 PER FREAKIN DAY!

Stan O’Neal CEO Merrill Lynch - got a 115,000,000 severance package.

Franklin Raines of Fannie Mae got busted for giving himself and 2 others 100 of millions in bonus’s…but they got fined 26.7 million…and had to give up his 115 million severance package…OOOOOOOOO Poor guy. Who the hell would take 100,000,000 if they get fined 25,000,000.

These are the people we are bailing out. I bet they are feeling the cruntches at the gas pumps. Reread their pay…this is what our goverment is bailing out…our present and future tax dollars are used to bail out companies that have failed. This is SUCH BS…

These people get their money NO MATTER WHAT…and you want to bail them out?


Do you support or oppose a federal bailout of Wall Street?
Support7%1039 Oppose93%13691 Total Votes: 14730 This is not a scientific poll

Wow these results are staggering…93%…and yet it will still happen…does it not matter what the PEOPLE want anymore?

OMG…BUSH IS A TOOL!!!I just listen to this tool on TV and I would rather vote for fat dumb bastard who would shoot his friend in the face and do a whole lot of nothing…O wait thats the VP…